Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rift Mobile!

Something we've been working on for the past couple of months. Has definitely been a challenge since we had a small team to work on this. I was the only artist, and we had 3 engineers, to work on the iOS and Android version part time while 1.6 stuff was coming out. >_< iOS beta version is out for now. Android will be released soon. Soon as in, when the rest of the engineers are back from winter vacation... =P
Kotaku and Massively. This app is totally free, and can be downloaded from the marketplace.

I did all the art for this app, and here are some of the minigames we call lootables. These are much like scratchers where you match icons to win a prize. All prizes get sent to you through in game mail. We had a lot of thrashing from branding about this not looking Rifty enough, but to be honest, mobile games have to be fun and appealing! What's more fun then cute critters and crying snakes? Ahaha.. There are hidden crying snakes on each card. Why crying snakes? Because their tears are the rarest drop to complete your tears artifact collection. The art for these cards were done in order below, so you can see it gets progressively more elaborate. If you're a Rifter, these items should look more than familiar to you!

Other cool features include being able to chat with your friends and guildies. I've been using this app everyday, it's really nice being able to feel connected to your friends all the time. Easier to coordinate events as well.