Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Made a bunch of bunnies for Christmas gifts. This is at the state where they are just naked bun buns except for the one in the blue dress. One of these is going to be a boy bunny.

More clothes and some sweet bows.

For the male counterpart, I made him cute little short suspenders, added buttons and a removable bow tie. Wanted to give this guy a grey monotone look. I'm really happy with how he turned out! =D

All packaged, wrapped up, and good to go to your new home, little one!

Now the girls were left to be packaged. The rest of these will be handed out all together during Christmas to my family =)

For my mommy, I added a cute dish towel in the packaging as well to compliment this gift. She's expressed how much she loves pink/red tones. Color coordination for the win!

This one was made for my cousin Irene. I asked what her favorite color was and she said sky blue. With this bunny, sky blue wouldn't have looked good with this completion so I went with a matching blue. This also came with a matching blue dish towel.

This one is for my cousin's daughter, Kristen. If you haven't noticed by now, the tags are also hand made, and I stuck these cute santa clips on them for extra decor. :3

Lastly, this little guy is for Evelyn. I hope the girls like them! Can't wait to see their expressions when I give them out. =D

Panda cookies!

Made these for Shelby's party. She bought me these adorable panda cookie cutters but they took so long to make!