Tuesday, June 26, 2012

21 // Sweet

A quick and cute one! Ellery posts a bunch of great quotes on his tumblr, and this was one of the latest. I could just imagine it in my head. =P

Featuring Ellery, and Deb. Deb just moved up here from Austin and Ellery's new housemate. Since Ellery bakes a lot, it's not a surprise he'd have chocolate in the fridge. =)

Friday, June 22, 2012

In coming!

Sneak peek! I'm turning this into a poster to spice up our area. Yay!

Monday, June 18, 2012

20 // Doggy Duty with Engineers

Featuring dudes from the engineering team. Danny and the residential troll, Doug.
I'm in the Engineering chat just because I'm part of the department. The only thing that catches my attention are random and pointless arguments like these. I guess this is engineering logic at it's best.
lol, I saved this convo a while ago to add to my material. I just wanted to do a quick one tonight since that's all the time I had for.

On another note, Hey! I've hit 20! XD
I should make 25 a good one, eh?

Moon Rabbit

I think this belongs here. =)
Thanks to my friend Shelby, she knows about my Bunny blog and had to get me something from Japan related to BunnyBe. The rice paper painting paired with the wooden usagi coaster comes with a folklore about the Moon Rabbit. Thanks a bunch Shelby! <3

p.s. If you look close enough, those are the raw sketches from my recent comic. I doodled them while I was at work since that's how I was feeling at the moment. Hahaha!

From the wiki:
The Moon rabbit in folklore is a rabbit that lives on the moon, based on pareidolia that identifies the markings of the moon as a rabbit. The story exists in many cultures, particularly in Aztec mythology and East Asian folklore, where it is seen pounding in a mortar and pestle.[1][2] In Chinese folklore, it is often portrayed as a companion of the moon goddess Chang'e, constantly pounding the elixir of life for her; but in Japanese and Korean versions it is just pounding the ingredients for rice cake.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

19 // My Week

It's been quite a hectic, frustrating, and tiring week. When I'm defeated, a nice little treat always gets my spirits lifted. My sweet coworker Nagi gave me a cream puff this monday after my long woes of P4 and CS5 frustrations. That made my day and pretty much recharged me. ^_^

This is meant to be a quick sketch and light hearted one. Kind of like an off series.
I've hardly had time to do any personal work, let alone comics. I really try to do at least 1 a month. Now that I have some town time for this weekend, more D3 playtime!