Sunday, May 30, 2010


This story is based on my friend, John Giang's experience as a substitute teacher. He posted this on his facebook status, and I thought it was hilarious. Which tells you how I was inspired for this strip. =)

Feat: John G.


  1. "inspired for this strip"

    Haha "strip" and it's about "strippers"!!

  2. She needs more appreciation for circles. Without circles there would be no cylinders, and without cylinders there would be no stripper poles, and without stripper poles there would be only lap dances available at strip clubs...

    Damn you circles, damn you.

  3. OMG! This was soooooooo hailarious! I'm gonna sms this to my friends! Better yet, I'll email the link to this page! I'm visiting your blog 4 the first time and as far as I'm concerned, I'm loving it!

  4. Hahah! I'm glad you got a kick out of it! Thanks for stopping by! ^_^