Monday, April 9, 2012

18 // Good to Know

Featuring Playground Bully, Barish part 2.
Or as anonymous calls him, "The Office Hobo".

And yes, shameless plug for little bunnybe! She's been neglected. Note the BunnyUSBe ^_^
The actual ones I use have a kitty holding an ichigo, and a kitty. The other one just has a strap.

I have about 3 usbs I switch in and out for different purposes. Some work, music, driving tunes, or temp files etc. Each usb has a big difference in storage and it's easy to mix them up. I have a bunch of cute cell phone key chains that I can't use anymore because my phone doesn't have a strap holder. I put one on each usb so it's a lot easier for me to fish it out of my purse and a lot less easier to lose. Can't tell you how many times I misplace these! You get the idea =)