Monday, May 27, 2013

Short Girl Problems #1 & #2

Among other ideas and series, I'm introducing a new series of Short Girl Problems.
Many of you have heard my stories and woes about the disadvantages of me being vertically challenged. Here's to show you some of the personal angles from the tiny people and how some of you may take things for granted.


  1. People are always picking you up!

  2. I should do tall guy issues.. people asking me to scrunch down in movie theaters, grrr.

  3. You are great! my GF is short,and i am tall,and i see all this happening to her,but i try and help whith what i can,i also love to joke,so i am aways getting her pissed haha,but she aways laught about it,and you are great! please don't stop!

    1. Aw thank you! That's so sweet of you. She is not alone!!! =)